Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Backup Software of Website

A lot of businesses today depend on their web representation. No matter what kind of occupation you are in, in the world of quick information, your website is the foundation upon which your business is based and developed. Even a short server downtime can cost you thousands of dollars not to mention longer periods of downtime which can leave you totally out of operation. And how about complete data loss as a result of hardware failure or natural disasters like flood or fire? If something like this happens, you will have to start everything from scratch. Altogether not a very good prospect, huh?

All this stipulates the necessity for doing website backup. But is website backup a guarantee of safety? Yes, provided you do it correctly and regularly. First of all, you should pay specific attention to the choice of your backup software. Currently, there are many solutions on the market which may suit your purpose, but it makes sense to pick the most simple and reliable one.

A complicated interface is something to be avoided. Everything should be intuitively clear. It is good if the software has the option of scheduled backup, so you don't have to manually launch tasks. Among other useful options are file selection, data compression and encryption tools (preferably the 128-bit blowfish cipher).

Secondly, it may not be enough to just read the product specification on the developer's website. Don't purchase any software right away. Even if it is good value for its money, it may not suit your particular needs. Instead, make use of the free trial period (if there is no free trial, look for something else).

Also, make sure that the product is provided with a support service and try to find out beforehand how reliable this service is. For example, you may start with writing them a letter and telling them how you got interested in their product, and need to know if it can do this and that. Then see how long it will take them to get back to you and what they will write in reply. If it's a standard letter with just a product specification in it, the service is not very reliable. However, if the answer is more personal and tries to address your specific problem, it is probably trustworthy.

Additionally, find out if free updates are available to a specific version of the software that you are going to buy. Or how much it will cost you to upgrade to the newer version or another version. Plug-ins are also something to be looked into. Learn what plug-ins there are and what they are responsible for. Some software programs may not be fully functional without their plug-ins.

In short, any simple, yet reliable backup software with the option of full and incremental backup on a schedule with data encryption and compression will suffice to protect your website.

Alexander Golishev is a a copywriter for Novosoft LLC, software developer, with a great deal of expertise in data backup and recovery matters.

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