Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Shift+Delete button = Did I loss Everything Forever?

Organized thinking really means controlling thought reactions properly, and solving problems in the most efficient manner possible at the time. One important question to keep uppermost in your mind is: are you contributing towards the solution of a problem or are you becoming a part or cause of that problem.
To error is human. Man commits two types of errors: knowingly and accidentally. But in case of computer data loss occurs due to malfunctioning of hardware. During our life, we come across many problems related to missing, inaccessible and deleted data. Data is the lifeblood of an organization is lost due to Shift + Del Keys.
When the user deletes the file by using Shift +Del Key, It bypasses the Recycle Bin. When the user presses the Shift + Del Key combination in windows the expected behaviour is that you are deleting file or folder permanently without sending them Recycle Bin.
Whenever necessary, the user wants to retrieve the deleted data. To restore data from the Recycle Bin is an important tool in the hands of the user. But after pressing Shift + Delete key, it becomes difficult on the part of the user to find out the required data stored in the drive by the user.
Really, windows do not remove the deleted files; they remain and kept in a hidden area on the hard drive. Naturally, in a computer system data is arranged in a cluster on the drive. The above given command renders the data irretrievable since deleted file bypass the Recycle Bin and placed in a unspecified cluster. This accounts for lost, missing or inaccessible data since files thus saved are neither actually saved nor recoverable.
At this stage, the assistance of a “Data Recovery Software” can be helpful. We should know the “Recovery Utilities” and “Repair Utilities”. While Recover Utilities recover your lost data without repairing your disk, the repair utilities only repairs the disk and do not recover the data. Therefore as soon as you get the any hint of data loss, run for a “Software Recover Utility”. If you make mistake here, the missing data may be permanently lost due to overwriting of the usters.
Retrieval of data from the unspecified clusters is not possible without professional intervention. Without proper knowledge and choice of utilities can further increase the problem. Therefore always seek professional help. The Data Recovery Company assesses the damage to your data and suggests recovery methods accordingly. These software’s are available to undelete files from hard drive formatted on FAT 16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS 5 file system.
Software can restore file from hard drive, floppy drive, Zip drive, Digital camera disk, USB drive, and any other storage device whose drive litter is displayed in “My Computer”.
“Stellar Phoenix Deleted File System” has a function that searches for deleted files on any version on windows including Win 98, Win Me, Win XP, Win NT, Win 2000, Win 2003 Server. “File Recovery Software” is the important software that allows the user to recover a file, undelete, unerase, and restore data deleted on NTFS or FAT partition.
To sum up, Shift + Delete Key is not a stumbling- block on the way of computer user. A layman can recover his accidentally deleted files. So thanks should be given to the Data Recovery and File Recovery System.

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